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 Our Free-Range  Local  Lamb


Well,  What can we say about our  Lamb. We believe we are very priveliged to be able to work with   (And  maybe "sample") some of the finest Lambs that Dorset and Hampshire have to offer. 


We take a great deal of pride in the selection of our  Lambs  that   are  reared naturally,  especially for our customers. Our   regular  lambs  are a cross between   Dorset downs  & a Texell breed  of  Lamb.

This cross  provides an excellent quality cut, with tons of flavour and texture.
















Our Lambs  are reared and humanely slaughtered in Dorset and Hampshire and delivered directly to our Butchers  where they are specially prepared to our customers specification by our expert butchers.



"Remind yourself of how meat used to taste"


at Oakley Village Butchers





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