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 Our Free-Range  Local Beef


Here at Oakley Butchers, We take great pride in the Quality of the Beef that we supply to our customers. Which is why we  work very closely with our farmers and suppliers  to ensure  only the finest   animals are reared for our butchery.


At Oakley Butchers, Our stock of beef cuts is made up mainly of the following breeds. 


Please feel free to click on a picture   below to read   more about the specific breeds.











Our Beef is supplied from various reputable   farms throughout Southern England.


It is humanely slaughtered   and delivered to us in quarter carcass.  From there, the beef is dry matured in our walk in fridges  for a minimum of 21   days before being specially prepared to our customers specification by our  experienced butchers.



"Remind yourself of how meat used to taste"


at Oakley Village Butchers




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